Remove that nasty mold from your home now!

We are the upstate’s mold and mildew experts. We specialize in mold inspection, mold removal, mildew removal, air quality testing, water damage, junk removal and much more.  Our Mold Removal service offers prompt, inexpensive mold testing within twenty-four hours of your inquiry.  Our testing procedures come with a complete report from an accredited lab with same day results available.

Our mold inspection service is done using a thermal imaging, infrared temperature readings as well as both air and bulk sampling.  We can find mildew and other molds that may be infecting your home with our state-of-the-art
procedures.  Our mold testing procedures include air quality testing and sampling.  Our findings will aid
in determining what is in the air you are breathing.  We then will provide you with same day results from a local accredited lab, with the support of a 10 page report of our findings. 

We offer the best mold removal services in the entire upstate by employing safe and effective protocols to alleviate mold spores and their causes.  We specialize in mildew removal and all forms of mold removal.  We do not cover up mold, we tear it out by the roots.  We also check and help alleviate the problems associated with water damage.  Our approach has been so successful that we offer a transferable warranty with every job completed.  In addition, we realize that hoarding may be an issue for some people or sometimes after a disaster (I.e. a flood or leaking roof), belongings get damaged beyond repair. 

With years of experience in the construction industry, owner has the knowledge and experience to properly diagnose and repair your home or business.  Because we look at your structure / home as a network of systems, we also diagnose and treat all contributing factors that may lead to mold problems.  We thoroughly check for, but not limited to, gutter issues, leaks of all origins, drainage issues, foundation repair, water, sprinkler and sewer line repairs, sloping issues and much more. 

We don’t just get rid of the symptom we fix the cause of the problem! This is why you can trust us to help you with all of your mold inspection, mold removal, mildew removal, air quality testing, water damage, and junk removal needs. Mold Inspection, Mold Removal, Mildew Removal, Mold and Mildew, Water Damage, Junk Removal, Hoarding Removal, Water Extraction, Crawl Space Restoration.